One mother took to TikTok to share a special moment with her 4-year-old child that garnered more than 226,000 likes in the.

Thomas Rhett’s, Lauren, put their daughter Ada James to the viral Toddler Challenge, and the results are adorable!

"All I want to do is cry, because you can’t see people’s faces, you can’t make human connection, we can’t hug people, we.

A TikTok video has gone viral showing two men in the back of their pick-up truck, which has been turned into a pool, picking.

Joanne and Jim Sterling of Manson, Wash., have achieved viral fame with Jim’s unique ways of making the bed — a chore he.

Madison Bacon shares how the social-emotional learning process, that went viral on her TikTok, can help people of any age.

Police said the 52-year-old York woman became enraged when employees told her she’d have to wait several hours for her food.

I said this to one of my kids’ teachers this morning as she requested a private Zoom with my child and I. At the same time as.

FedEx is facing backlash and calls for a boycott on social media after one employee said he and another were fired following.

An arrest was made Thursday, after a videos circulating the internet appeared to show a man punching elderly victims lying in.

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"While we conduct this investigation FedEx will provide employment for these drivers," the company said in a statement.

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Dr. Erin Bromage, a comparative immunologist at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, has gone viral and received over.

Blueface - Viral (Official Video)According to the campaign, the money raised will be distributed evenly between the two drivers who were "fired simply for.